The Process of Securing a Job in Construction

So, you're looking for a new construction job? It's as easy as turning up at building sites and asking if there are any vacancies, right? Wrong. The construction industry has changed beyond all recognition in recent years, so you could find yourself facing rigorous tests and interviews normally associated with white-collar work.

Being interviewed for a construction job

If you're facing the interview process for the first time, there are a few things you should remember to give yourself the best possible chance of landing the construction job:

– Always be polite and friendly.
– Think carefully about your answers and do not try to blind the interviewer with jargon.
– Speak clearly and confidently, and project your voice.
– Never bad-mouth previous employers and never lie when being interviewed,
– Never slouch back in your chair, cross your arms and legs or look too relaxed.
– Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

Being interviewed by telephone

Some construction recruiters will choose to conduct a telephone interview if you are located some distance from their headquarters. They may use it to eliminate weaker candidates early on in the recruitment process without wasting the candidates time.

A telephone interview should be treated the same as a normal face-to-face interview, and the recruiter is simply trying to establish wherever you are suitable for the role by you and the construction job for which you are applying.

Keep a copy of your CV, cover letter and the application form you used to apply for the construction work around you to refer to if required. Speak clearly and professionally. Never interrupt or talk over the interviewer, and do not speak so quickly that they can not understand you.

Facing a recruitment test

Recruitment tests allow employers to identify and recognize your potential, and they help to ascertain wherever you have specific skills that match the requirements of the construction job. It is unofficially you will be asked to perform such a test, but if you are faced with one, it is important to understand what they involve.

Ability and Aptitude Tests measure specific skills and may look at your ability to analyze and use logic. These sorts of tests assess numerical, verbal and diagrammatic abilities.

Psychometric and Personality Tests look at your preferences in behaviors, attitude and values ​​from your responses to statements. The results are then compared with the characteristics required for the construction work you would be doing.

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