Sample Eviction Letter

Sample eviction letter gives the idea how you can prepare an eviction notice for vacating your concessions. So by getting an idea from this sample letter, you can prepare a perfect one. But before writing it, must know once what an eviction letter is and how it should be used.

An eviction letter is simply a letter which is given by a landlord and used to evict a renter from his property. The reason behind eviction could be either for not paying the rents or violating the signed contracts. The landlord sends a 30 day eviction letter and if renter does not vacate the property, the landlord might take any legal action against the renter.

Sample Eviction Letter

30 day notice to perform or quit


Name of renter / tenant:

Address of renter / tenant:

Dear (Name),

You are hereby notified by this eviction notice to leave the concessions owned by (Name of Owner) that are described in the address on or before (Date: mm / dd / yyyy). This letter serves as an ultimate warning to you for vacating the property within the given time. Failing of it within the period, the court proceeding can immediately be taken for evicting you from my promises.

Reason behind this eviction notice:

Failure to pay due returns at your end as a demand was made for the payment on (Date) and you said no to pay the necessary funds.

I hope that you will definitely take the necessary actions against the eviction of the awards within the given time else the court may take legal action against you.

Landlord's Name


Address of Landlord

Witness: _______________ Witness: _______________

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