Regulator enlists Gok Wan and Fred from First Dates in PPI campaign

What do the celebs say?

The FCA says it’s enlisted Gok Wan and Fred Sirieux to help consumers complain, as part of its PPI reclaim campaign. It told both celebrities are being paid for their support, though it won’t say how much.

Gok Wan, a fashion consultant and TV presenter who rose to fame on Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked, said: “As a nation we tend to shy away from sticking up for ourselves, even when we feel we’ve been given a raw deal. But, just like fashion, complaining is all about feeling fearless. That’s why I’m supporting the FCA’s PPI deadline campaign – to help the UK complain with confidence, whether it’s about bad service when shopping to claiming for mis-sold PPI.”

Fred Sirieux, a restaurateur and TV presenter best known as the maître d’ at Channel 4’s First Dates restaurant, added: “Complaining gets things done â€“ it makes people sit up and take notice. They realise you mean business. Be confident, and don’t feel bad about complaining when something isn’t right. Like if you’ve been mis-sold PPI – now is the time to act, before it’s too late.”

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