Online estate agent Emoov goes into administration

What happens next? 

The administrator says recent attempts to sell the Emoov business have been unsuccessful, but that “a number of prospective buyers have indicated an interest in purchasing the client property listings”.

If a firm does buy Emoov’s property listings, the administrator says it hopes customers’ listings will be honoured on the same terms they signed up to – but this can’t be guaranteed. A further announcement is expected in the coming days.

The administrator has stressed that Emoov subsidiary, Urban Sales and Lettings Limited, is unaffected. 

I’ve paid upfront and am worried I’ll lose my money – what should I do?

As the administrator’s currently trying to arrange the sale of property listings, you may be best to wait and see what happens in the next few days – you may not end up being left out of pocket.

But if a sale can’t be arranged – or it is but you still lose out because your existing terms aren’t honoured – you may need to try and get your money back. 

The administrator says it will be writing to creditors in the coming days to invite them to submit claims for cash they are owed. But unfortunately if you do register as a creditor you’re likely to be far down the list to be paid. Here are some options you may be able to try if left out of pocket:

What if I’m mid-sale? 

Emoov offered customers an online account, which allowed sellers to view offers and keep track of their sale. 

We’ve asked the administrator what a seller can do if they’ve accepted an offer but are now unable to contact their buyer, and if they will continue to have access to an estate agent throughout the remainder of their sale. We’ll update this story when we hear back. 

We also spoke to Andrew Leakey, head of dispute resolution at Stephensons solicitors, who told us as long as both the buyer’s and seller’s solicitors have been put in touch they should be able to progress a sale without the estate agent.

Generally, solicitors are quickly put in touch once a sale is agreed, but if you’re unsure contact your solicitor to check. If your solicitors have not been put in touch and you have no way of contacting your buyer/seller, contact the administrator and ask it to put you in touch with them. 

What if I owe eMoov money?

If you’re due to make a payment to eMoov, for instance if you had a pay-on-completion package and have just completed, don’t assume you won’t need to pay – it’s likely the administrator will be in touch with details of how payment should be completed shortly.


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