O2 customer charged £3,000 roaming fees after being told she was in a different country

‘I wouldn’t have used my phone if O2 hadn’t texted me’

Rahime, 46, of Leicester, visits Kosovo several times a year and claims she has been receiving the ‘Welcome to Slovenia’ messages (pictured below) for at least four years.

She received the texts while in Prishtina, which is in the middle of Kosovo and over 500 miles away from Slovenia.

Rahime says that after receiving the same texts on previous visits to Kosovo, she contacted O2 to tell it she wasn’t in Slovenia and was assured that she still wouldn’t be charged â€“ although O2 denies this.

She has now discovered she was charged for previous visits, but because her trip includes going to Albania, where she knows roaming charges apply, she says she didn’t realise she’d been charged for roaming in Kosovo too, as her previous bills were much smaller.

Here are two examples of the texts Rahime received:

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