No longer need your prescription season ticket? You may be able to reclaim cash

In the last financial year, 47,923 refunds worth £1,223,484 were claimed â€“ a whopping 75% year-on-year jump in the number of claims.

Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) cover the cost of all your prescriptions for a three or 12-month period, and cost £29.10 or £104 respectively.

Prescription items in England currently cost £8.80, so if you buy four in a three-month period, a three-month prepay certificate can save you £6.10. If you get 13 over the course of a year, a 12-month prepay certificate works out cheaper and can save you £10.40 – and if you need more, you’ll save more.

But if you become eligible for free prescriptions after buying one, or you go into hospital and end up staying there until your PPC runs out, you may be able to reclaim some or all of the cash you paid for it. If a PPC holder dies, the holder’s estate may also be able to claim cash back.

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