New York Hotels – Tips For the Big Apple

New Yorkers know about quality. It is the home of Fashion Avenue and Madison Avenue where either either have to come with quality or do not come at all. The same is true of hotels in New York City; if they do not have a high standard for quality of furnishings, service and amenities they will not survive in the Big Apple.

New York may be 'The city that never sleeps', but when visitors retreat to their hotels in New York City they expect and demand luxury. New York hotels deliver just that. Gourmet meals, plush appointments and spectacular service are the norm. Luxury New York hotels host the best bred and best known people on the planet; Sultans, kings of industry and power brokers from all over the planet lay their heads in beds in New York hotels. No less than the best will do for these international power brokers and luxury New York hotels do not disappoint. Need a room with an incredible view, hand woven sheets and want your pet panther pampered too? No problem when you are in New York. They have been catering to the refined tastes of their sturdy guests since the City Hotel, America's first real hotel, opened here in 1794 and they have mastered the art.

When you book your New York luxury holidays you can rest assured that all your needs will be superbly met. Within New York luxury hotels, your every wish is their command. They can provide personal chefs to cook exotic dinners in your room, luxurious oversized baths with rapidly filling tubs, saunas, steam rooms and massages upon request, the latest in personal grooming equipment, personal butlers and tailors, glassed in atriums and balconies that give you an awesome view of the twinkling lights on the "Great White Way".

Numerous luxury New York hotels can offer suites tailor to your specific taste. Want a room decorated with period furniture and numerous fireplaces? No problem at the fine hotels this city offers! You will have a bathroom decorated with fine antiques, beautiful furnishings, fireplaces, Bulgari bathroom products, free standing marble tubs, fine European bed linens and gigantic feather beds. Dawn can find you taking private tai chi classes in a garden with a breath-taking view of the city.

Do you want to holiday in the lap of luxury? Come and experience true luxury and splendor at a New York City hotel.

Source by Victor Hangerson

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