Make Sure Your Realtor Keeps Your Information Confidential

Realtors understand what is at stake for not maintaining a fiduciary responsibility with their clients, but that does not mean that they will not cross the line sometimes so that a deal will go to closing more quickly – at a seller's expense. There are simple things a seller can do to make sure that these things do not happen.

First, you can hire someone to audit the real estate transaction to implement several tactics to reduce the likelihood of something like this happening. Realty Guard is an organization I started to help protect people from being taken advantage of. We recently implemented a "secret shopper" strategy, which is where we send a couple directly to your Realtor and have them show a certain level of excitment for your home. We have them see what your Realtor is willing to declare to them, and make sure your interest are always considered. When Realtors know that we are auditing the transaction, they never know who they are talking with, so it is a self-directing strategy that is highly effective.

Even if you do not have a professional company audit your transaction, you can perform these types of safeguards yourself. It would be very easy to make arrangements with a neighbor to visit your home during an open house and see what they can gather from the Realtor. We're not trying to be secret agents when we do this, but simply do what so many other industries currently do – because it's a fact that this strategy works!

Source by Nick Thiele

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