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Published Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Theatre Absolute present Sphere, the final commission of Are We Where We Are?

Theatre Absolute Shop Front Theatre Sphere

Sphere, the ninth and final commission of Theatre Absolute’s two-year project Are We Where We Are? will premiere at the Shop Front Theatre from 7 – 10 November.

Taking American essayist Henry David Thoreau’s provocation ‘We are not where we are, but in a false position’ as a central theme, Sphere is comprised of seven new works by Amy Kakoura, Ashley James Brown, Demi Oyediran, Kimisha Lewis, Laura Nyahuye, Ola Animashawun, and Raef Boylan.

Chris O’Connell, Artistic Director Theatre Absolute said: “By assembling seven voices with their varied responses to the project provocation in Theatre Absolute’s unique Shop Front Theatre, we are committing ourselves to dynamically exploring the idea of the public sphere and this ‘sphere’ tips its hat to that. As defined by German philosopher and sociologist Jurgen Habermas, the public sphere was seen to evolve in the late 18th century through the development of coffee houses and literary societies and voluntary associations. It was a time in which the public came together to discuss, share and converse. It challenged the single representational view of society as purported by the state, for example.”

Chris goes on to say: “Arguably, people seeking out their own ‘public sphere’ is becoming more apparent today in these challenging times. Through Sphere we hope to acknowledge that Habermas’ definition of the public sphere feels very close and apt to what happens at the Shop Front Theatre.”

Sphere is written and performed by Amy Kakoura, Ashley James Brown, Demi Oyediran, Kimisha Lewis, Laura Nyahuye, Ola Animashawun, and Raef Boylan and premieres at the Shop Front Theatre on 7 November through to 10 November. The evening shows starts at 7.30pm and will last for approx. 90mins. The matinee performance on Thursday 8 November has sold out.

Tickets are £8 (full price) and £6 concessions plus booking fee, available online. Find out more about the project at

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