How to Get No Fee Bad Credit Cards

It is rare to find credit cards with no fees, especially if you have bad credit. Most providers will charge higher interest for them as well, and that is if you get accepted at all. Chances are you'll spend hours submitting applications to the various lenders only to get declined because of your "bad credit history". I know because I've tried and been told the same thing over and over again. In this article you'll hear about now you can plan to bypass bad credit.

Over the years I accumulated credit cards and a car loan. Then due to job loss, I was unable to make my debt payments on time. Sometimes the cards were at their credit limit but there was no extra money in the bank to pay them. I had to take my car back to the place I bought it, it was awful. You can imagine how much bad credit ended up on my history along with the fact that I lost all my credit cards.

By the time it was all said and done, my credit bureau report had multiple bad credit ratings on it. Now without any cards, I did not have something to help me when I need emergency cash. I went looking online for someone who will trust me to have a credit card but most of them expect people with bad credit to have someone with good credit sign the application as well.

Then it seemed even if they were going to give me the card, the interest would be very high. Nowadays there are more bad credit lenders who offer no fee cards. When you go looking for a bad credit lender, look for a card that works for you. Find out if they offer cash back and need a credit check.

It seems lenders these days must be all vying for business because they offer cards even to people with bad credit. Take the First Millennium Platinum Card for instance. Their website says they offer zero percent APR financing. This was almost unheard of back when I had credit cards. Plus, the quick application tells you you're approved in only sixty seconds.

Even if you found a card with higher interest, it would still eliminate the burden of multiple debt payments by consolidating it all down to one easy monthly payment. Once you have your First Millennium Platinum card simply use the card for those emergency situations that come up or even get a cash advance to hold you until next payday.

First Millennium Platinum Card is also one of the few types of credit lenders that does not require credit checks. They understand that a lot of honest people run into a tough situation in their life.

In order to make a no fee First Millennium Platinum Card even more hassle free for you, simple set up a bank account that automatically makes your monthly payment for you. The regular payments will help rebuild your history of low credit and get you back on track.

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