How Secure is Your Future

Since the early 1980’s, corporate America has been solving their financial problems through layoffs. In 2004, they started solving their financial problems by reducing or eliminating employee pension plans and/or benefits.

We must realize that other than the Mary Kay NSD Family Security Program, most other pension plans are at risk. There is irrefutable evidence that Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of the most solid and prosperous companies in America.

We should encourage women to look toward the future to emphasize the need for establishing NSD as a long term goal to secure their family’s future.



∑ Delta Airlines has laid of thousands of employees and cut pilot salaries by 40%. Many airlines faced similar issues in previous years including United Airlines, US Airways, and Continental.

∑ Ford stopped matching funds last year on 401(k)’s.


∑ Other Delta employees had a 19% pay cut, lost some of their retirement benefits and had a major increase in medical insurance premiums.

∑ United Airlines had to turn over their employee pension program to a federal relief agency resulting in a 50% reduction in retirement benefits.

∑ General Motors is in negotiation to reduce retirement medical benefits.

∑ Motorola wiped out benefit plans for new employees.

∑ Estee Lauder is offering early retirement to employees. This is the first step toward company layoffs.

∑ 60% of US companies are either freezing or ending their pension plans according to a USA Today article on December 28, 2005.


∑ Sears froze its benefit plans starting this year.

∑ On 1/7/06, IBM announced that in 2008 new employees will no longer receive a pension plan. They are doing this to remain competitive with other companies who do not offer pension plans. Just in IMB alone, this impacts 125,000 people.

∑ On 1/24/06, Ford announced 30,000 job cuts and several plant closings.

∑ Alcoa announced that they will no longer offer new employees retirement plans so they can remain competitive.

∑ Chrysler announced a 20% cut in management staff and 6,000 workers.

∑ Ford announced it will eliminate 30,000 jobs in the next 7 years and it will be reducing benefits.



∑ Gave Independent Sales Directors and National Sales Directors the largest compensation increase in the history of the company.

∑ Made this 2005 compensation increase retroactive for retiring Emeriti for the last year of their three year average for calculating their 15 year retirement.

Arlene Lenarz retired in January on $47,000 per month.

∑ It is recommended to retire comfortably, you need a $1-2 million benefit from your retirement plan. The average Mary Kay NSD retires with $4 million in her benefit plan. Arlene retired on $6.7 million.

∑ Created a SECOND Family Security Program for NSD’s – The Great Futures Program. This plan gives retiring NSD’s 60% of the 3 highest years in International commissions and pays for 12 years on an upward sliding scale commensurate with the growth of production in those countries.

∑ Only 1% of families earn over $200,000 annually. The average annual income for a Mary Kay NSD is $300,000.

∑ Mary Kay contributed over $5 million in cash and product to Hurricane victims.

Replaced Beauty Cases, gave $500, and paid 4 months of commissions to all affected Consultants, Directors and NSD’s.

Waived sustaining car qualifications and conference fees.

Deferred “take outs” from paycheck until February to maximize Consultant cash availability.

∑ Mary Kay Cosmetics is debt free.


In Mary Kay you have a rare opportunity to secure your future with a business plan that is backed by a company with the highest integrity and past performance.


80% of retiring Baby Boomers (age 41-59) plan to work after retirement. Surveys show that they still want to work but do not want the hassle of finding another job.

Source by Ellen Farquharson

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