How Can I Get My Employment Insurance Claim Processed Faster?

How can I get my Employment Insurance Claim processed faster? There are some little tricks that will have your Employment Insurance processed fast and easy, without delay. When first applying for E.I., you will be given an access code, Make sure you complete your reports for the four weeks period leading up to your approval of benefits.  Failure to make your two week reports can cause your Employment Insurance benefits to be delayed, and that is the last thing you want.  When your claim is approved you will have to complete your reports again but this time the money will be in your account in two days.

One way to have your Employment Insurance claim processed faster is to meet with the adjudicator that is working on your E.I. claim. I find this approach to very effective when you left your last position on bad terms. E.I. will contact your employers to find out why you are no longer working there. But if they are unable to get a hold of the appropriate people, they have your side of the story face to face. Nobody wants to deny some on their benefits and this will make it a lot harder.

This Method Is 100% Successful when you quit your job on bad terms. It works great, most people never think about this avenue. But sometimes meeting with the person working on your case can be difficult if you live in a small town and your claim is processed in another city. Take a shot, and do everything you can to meet with the right people.

Source by Liam Gannon

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