Don’t fall for high-data deals – most users need less than 3GB a month

Use a tool to check your usage and find the best deal

While some users will consume more data and so need the bigger packages on offer, the majority won’t â€“ and the key is not to end up paying for data you don’t use.

The difference in price between different data deals can be marked, even if you opt for a cheap Sim only deal. For example, currently our top pick for heavy users is a £12/month deal from Virgin Mobile offering 12GB, yet for low users it’s a Smarty package costing an equivalent of just £3.86/month, offering 1GB. Over a year that’s a saving of £97.

Two handy sites â€“ Billmonitor* and Ctrlio â€“ will analyse your bills over the last three months to work out your average usage and suggest deals based on this. For more on how they work, and the pros and cons of each, see choose the allowance you need.

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