Credit Identity Protection Scams

There are several different ways your identity can be stolen. Remember to always pay attention to anything that has your information on it, otherwise you could be next in identity theft. Here are just two ways, though important, your identity can be stolen.

The first way I'm going to inform you about is very, very important. We all throw away our trash not expecting someone to go digging through it, so we may end up throwing something away that contains very important information, such as your birth-date, a credit card number, you full name, your mother's maiden name, or your social security number, which can all be used to steal your identity. A thief can find this information, as well as possibly a credit card application in your name, and then have that credit card processed to their address.

Now, we know that a store must have an identification to prove that the purchaser is the person using the credit car, but many places will still overlook this simple procedure. A thief can easily just slip over the card and purchase the product. If a person requests for an ID the thief can just say they do not have it, get the card back, and move on to the next store. More importantly, the thief can easily use your credit card online, where they are in no danger of being asked for identification. Always make sure you know what you're throwing away, and avoid placing important information in your trash.

Another type of identity theft is throw phishing on your email. Never fill out a piece any credit card forms that you receive throw your email. You never know if someone has sent you a fake form. When you fill out this form with all the vital information mentioned in the last paragraph, you send it back to an email address. The problem is that email address can be a fake one, made by someone trying to steal your identity, and now you're vital information has ended up in the hands of someone who does not intend to use it in the way you were expecting . Just make sure you always know where your vital information is.

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