Cashless Scrip ATM's – Most Convenient and Safe Transaction Technology

ATM Scrip Machines are commonly known as cashless ATM's. These are different from conventional ATM machines in working. Conventional ATM machines dispense cash while cashless ATM's produce two part scrip receipt for the card holder who swipes his card in it and enters a four digit pin in order to pay for the products or services bought. Merchant then gives unsigned copy to the customer and keeps signed copy with him as a record of sale which is honored as it was cash.

Recent tension of consumers of paying bills by using their ATM / debit cards has increased the preference of making payments through credit cards. Surveys have shown that consumers made more purchases using their debit cards in last few years than they used to do using credit cards and numbers continue to grow. People are finding this transaction technology very convenient as well as safe as compared to other payment methods discovered so far.

If we talk of convenience to be experienced with the cashless transactions, it is really commendable. Nowadays, there is not even a single person who does not have or use debit card. In fact, a person usually carries more than one debit cards at a time. Cashless scrip ATM's accept debit cards for all the banks and customers can make transactions for any amount from $ 5 to $ 100 or more. So there is no need to carry cash at all. Your debit card is more than enough and if you are worried about the easy availability of cashless transaction facility, then you will be happy to know that cashless scrip ATM's have been installed everywhere from parking lots to luxury hotels.

Now if we talk of safety associated with the usage of cashless ATM's, there is almost no risk. You must have seen security guards indicated to provide security to conventional ATM machines. As the name cashless ATM's suggests, there is no cash available in ATM's scrip. Therefore, unlike conventional ATM machines, there is no need of any security personnel to guard the scrip ATM machines.

Therefore, cashless scrip ATM's are a complete package of safety and convenience which is the priority for every merchant and consumer. Along with being safe and convenient, cashless ATM's have service problems and are easy to operate. Also, problems like running out of money or giving out too much cash are not associated with them. That is why; this latest transaction technology is getting adopted by smart merchants and consumers at a very fast pace.

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