Car Signage: What Makes a Good One?

Car signage can be a cost-effective and affordable tool to advertise your products and services and create an ideal image for your business as a whole. However, if you wanted to get all the benefits of a car signage, you must not only make an effort for it to look good but sell as well.

Here are some tips.

• Your business web address must be prominent. You may eliminate the www if space is limited but make sure that your web address has big fonts, as well as your contact numbers.

• If you hit the road most of the time, place your main message at the rear part of your vehicle. This way, pedestrians and other drivers behind you can see and read your sign. This is especially advantageous in a heavy traffic where drivers following your vehicle can have sufficient time to read and remember your message.

• If your vehicle is often parked on the side of the road or street, make use of the side of your vehicle.

• Make sure the design of your car signage does not fight with your message. Remember that your message is the most important element of your car signage. The design is just there to catch the attention of your potential clients. Make sure the design does not drown your message. It should complement and emphasize the message. Consider color combinations. Do they match? Have you incorporated your company or business colors (if you have any)? Also, make sure your car signage is noticeable and readable at night. The font style, size, and color as well as the background color contribute to this factor.

• Make sure the message and the design of your car signage directly speaks to your target market. For example, if you cater for kids, customize your car signage with a colorful and lively design that would certainly attract the eyes of kids and their mothers as well. Remember that even if you are offering products and services for children, they are not the decision makers. You need to convince parents to buy their kids what you provide.

• As much as possible, avoid collage since it has a tendency to confuse people or steal their attention away from your message. Instead of reading your message, they would be very busy looking at the multiple images in your collage. Put a single yet interesting image instead.

• Briefly describe the things your business do or provide, especially when the name of your business does not clearly give an idea of ​​what you do or offer.

• Make sure your message is short, simple, and accurate since it is on a moving vehicle which only gives your potential clients a couple of seconds to read the message on your car signage.

Source by Liz Servito

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