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When pricing products, many different aspects must be calculated and assessed before an end sum is accepted and once said end sum is realized, there is no doubt still room for manoeuvre. What dominates people's lives in this day and age is money. Some would like to say that 'the best things in life are free' like running through a field or lying on a beach, but what these people fail to mention and take into account is how much costs to drive to the nearest field, and book that next package holiday. Considering insurance products, previously PI insurance, pricing differences and changes according to many aspects.

PI insurance has remained one of the most prolific and popular forms of protection for limited companies for years. Its cover protects a contractor effectively, and it is not surprising that the policy is bought and renewed annually by almost all the nation's contractors.

Being such a popular and widely purchased product however it is not surprising that pricing and how much it costs is obviously a hot topic to contractors. It is equally expected that insurers and service providers frequently discuss and deviate their opinions on PI insurance pricing.

Unfortunately for some, the insurance market has no room for haggling and bargaining. This means that it is up to brokers and underwriters to calculate costs and settle on premiums relating to PI insurance pricing. The insurance is usually purchased per annual, but like most cover policies can be paid for monthly, but usually for a greater cost. The policy is considered cheap by most contractors, and its effective form of cover being of great value to the policy holder making it 'worth the money' as it were.

The price of a professional indemnity policy differs as a result of a number of factors determined by risk and likelihood of a claim. This is a common strategy in insurance sales, the prices of products depend on how much of a 'high' or 'low' risk case each individual may be. Concern car insurance for example, this can be determined on how much driving experience one has and how valuable a car is when it is being insured.

Concerning business insurance however and previously PI insurance, this is calculated by looking at how likely it is within the profession of the contractor that they will incur a claim of negligence, that requires an insurance pay out. This is a very basic method of insurance calculation, but is one that remains in place when totaling how much certain levels of the policy will be.

Insurance sales can differ for a number of reasons, prices are reflected depending on risk and probability, and are usually fair in their calculations, but commonly the risk factor of the policy holder is the primary issue relating annual or monthly premiums. Insurance is a niggling necessity in this world and depending on how safe a business or professional auditors itself to be, certain policies are often vital in a whole range of different professions.

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