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The last 4 years has been a challenge for American. Economic downfall, the first black president, middle class American using the power of their vote to speak. But the so call power that be, the 1%, affluent American, still try to silence the people’s voice with reproduction of racially inflammable subjects.

I just read an article in the New York Times online titled, “Escaping Slavery”, by Charles M. Blow.

It made me realize there has been a lot of media pushing of civil war and pre-civil war programming, for the masses. BET had a week-long run of “Roots” during 2012 Christmas week, the just release movies “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained”, I saw them all over the holidays. I think they bring racism to the thought process of our country future, in a negative way.

To me it’s like the 1%, mostly white men, is trying to divide the voices of America, they want to make us think we were better off when some were and others were not the voice of America. Heck, let me stop and cut the chase, they are pushing racism to gain a collective white voice to regain power in America political future. The 1%, affluent American, control the power of the media and could use it as a propaganda machine.

I don’t believe America is falling for that rope-a-dope. They will only gain a few bigot who compromised to exist, they feel they no longer have to compromise. Their voices could be heard and protected by the first amendment of the constitution. Well, many public figures in recent years have felt the economic and politic impact of racially inflamed words.

Many bigots are drawn to the Tea Party and the GOP because they are opposed to a black United States President. As a member of the Democratic Party, I have always distinguish the two parties differences as, GOP for government polices for corporate and wealth American benefit, and the Democratic Party for policies for the people, middle class and low-income American, benefit.

While the Tea Party and GOP are having to defend themselves and prove their goals are not racially motivated but motivated by the economic and moral well-being of the United States future and the rights of all American under the constitution. They chose to ignore that slavery as an institution was established for the wealthier to get wealthier by creating a class of cheap laborer. Slavery was considered good for the economy of the wealthy. After the civil war, racism continue to promote the practice of a superior race so the supposing inferior race became the cheaper laborer.

Some people need to get over themselves they are being played.

With the continued growth of the United States economy, since the civil war the US immigrant population has continue to grow and the country is more diverse and richer because of it.

America has become the greatest nation on earth because of her diverse population, culture, leadership, and her role in the world.

But make no mistake, we have not escaped slavery it still exist, it is no longer a black and white thing. It is an economic thing.

Enslaves are those who can not afford to pay their mortgage and credit debt and save for the future. Enslaved are those parents who can not afford to pay or borrow for college tuition for their children to afford a better life than themselves. I would define slavery today as having to work and never be able to prosper for yourself or your children to have a better future.

You work, you pay your bills but the company store make sure you stay in debt. It’s OK you can’t pay now, you can pay penalty and interest on principle and penalty later.

Welcome to the middle class of 2008. The last four years has ushered in a new middle class more income verse debt conscience with more spending restraint.

Because of the changing political and economic tides more people like myself are starting small businesses and home base businesses to gain control of our economic destiny.

Now, I can go watch NCAA Bowl Champion Series, 2013 National Championship title game, Notre Dame at Alabama. Since LSU is not in it, GEAUX BAMA!

Reference: “Escaping Slavery”, by Charles M. Blow

Source by Calvin Locks

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